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BEST Trial Run 2014

RoboRaiders are off to a great start! On October 4, 2014 the RoboRaiders  as well as other student organizations from Texas Tech University, worked to help troubleshoot the problems and provided technical help at the Trial Run that was held at Friendship High School. The Trial Run allowed teams to test their robots and prepare for this years game “Blade Runner” that will be held on October 25, 2014. “Happy BEST Games! May the odds be ever in your favor”


West Texas BEST Robotics 2014 – Sign Up!

Another season of West Texas BEST Robotics has began and we are looking for TTU College of Engineering students to volunteer and help us during the event. Organizations such as IEEE, SHPE, HKN and SWE have partnered with us as well. Being a mentor for BEST will require you to spend a minimum of 2 hours a week with the team you are assigned and help them through the build weeks. The BEST trial run is on October 4th at 8:30 am at Frenship High School. BEST Game day will be on October 25th at 8 am. If you are interested, you can sign up as Volunteers or Mentors at the link below:


You will be send the details for volunteering and mentoring via email.

Thank you!

Hub City Robotics Mixer

FRC Team 1817, Team 4570 and XFAB hosted the “Hub City Robotics Mixer” on  Saturday November 16th at the TTU Frazier Alumni Pavilion. Robotics teams representing FIRST, GEAR, BEST and VEX  were invited and they displayed their robots as well as provided information regarding what their programs can offer to the community. Along with this, the 2014 FRC and FTC District and Regional information was announced.

The team members of both FRC teams, as well as the alumni, were called on to share their experiences of FIRST and inspire more students to be a part of these programs.

We were overwhelmed to see the interest shown by the people of Lubbock in attending this event. This was a great opportunity for the students in South Plains to explore their interest in Robotics.

West Texas BEST 2013

West Texas BEST 2013

The RoboRaiders participate in more than just FIRST. We are also heavily involved in BEST. BEST is a 6 week long robotics competition that takes place during the fall. This year’s competition was called “Gatekeeper”, and the objective of it was to build a robot that could build a CPU. For more information about this year’s competition please visit The three key events that go on during BEST are Kick Off (September 7th), Trial Run (October 5th), and Game Day (October 19th). For all three of these events everyone on Team 1817 that could, helped with set up, clean up, as well as helped out during the events to make sure everything ran smoothly. In addition many of our RoboRaiders helped with the construction of the playing field, as well as mentored any teams that were having trouble building or programming their robot. We also campaigned to get other students from Texas Tech University to get involved with BEST and to come volunteer. Many of the student organizations on campus joined us in volunteering their time for BEST. Some of them were NSBE, IEEE, SWE, SHPE, and HKN.

At Kick off we ha a total of 21 teams excited and ready for this year’s competition to begin. It was a long and busy 6 weeks for these teams, but they were making good progress. During Trial Run there were already many teams with working robots or almost working robots. Other teams were there brainstorming and figuring out how to improve their robots. It was a fun and exciting day and we think the teams got a lot out of it. When Game day finally came along everyone was pumped and ready to compete. Game day went really well and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. The top four teams went on to nationals. All in all this BEST season ended successfully.

West Texas BEST’13 – Gate Keeper!

The RoboRaiders have had the privilege to help BEST Robotics host and manage their West Texas BEST Competition for the past several years. Managed by Dr.Richard Gale, we have provided immense support to help BEST build their game fields, provide mentors to the teams and help set up the Kickoff and Game day as well.  The following student organizations have been working with us towards this program:

  • NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)
  • SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
  • HKN (Eta Kappa Nu)

This year ‘s challenge is “Gate Keeper”! The goal is to upgrade a CPU by picking up transistors and other electronics made out of wood and foam , put them together and apply logic as if they were coding for it, all on the field. This can be easily achieved my building a rotating arm.

Throughout summer, our mentor, Ismael Castillo, helped getting the consumable and returnable kits together for the teams as well as helping Dr. Bobby Green, faculty and field manager, to build the field along with other mentors to help them out.

We organized a successful kickoff on Sept 7th.  Our mentor Mellinda Callender, mentor/volunteer coordinator for BEST, got together with the above mentioned organizations and recruited BEST mentors for the teams as well as recruited volunteers to help set up the events.

Another of our mentor Kenyan Burnham, Head software support for BEST, held workshops for these teams and taught them the basics of programming in EASYC and ROBOTC.

We are looking forward to yet another successful season of West Texas BEST Robotics!


West Texas BEST 2012 – WarpXX!

West Teaxs BEST 2011 – Bugs!

West Texas BEST 2010 – Total Recall!