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Building Robots at the Science Spectrum

RoboRaiders took Robotics to the next level by introducing the fun of planning, designing, and building to children that will hopefully pursue a STEM occupation while visiting the Science Spectrum. Team 1817 took junk and had kids make a robot out of it. This was a creative outreach and the kids enjoyed themselves. Who ever thought tinkering could be so exciting?

Raiders Robotics Summer Research ’13

This past summer the RoboRaiders in conjunction with the Whitacre College of Engineering at Texas Tech University held an internship for high school students and incoming college freshman.

The goal of the internship was to increase the aptitude of student’s abilities to work in STEM careers with an emphasis on leadership skills as well as to provide them ample opportunity to experience undergraduate research from an early standpoint.

Many projects were planned and we received funding from Dean Sacco of the Whitacre College of Engineering through the Engineering Opportunities Center but we were unable to complete any because our facility out at Reese Technology Center, where most of our tools, materials, and space was shut down because the University was making great strides towards renovating it’s safety mission.

With that in mind we wasted no time to jump on improving ourselves and the facilities we are a part of. One of our mentors became the Safety Captain for three different laboratories! While we actively tried to get our facility up and running,  Team 1817 also began work setting up the upcoming West Texas BEST season!

Working with the West Texas BEST consumables and returnables, the field build, and even the demo bot!

But we didn’t stop there: during the internship students were able to hold five camps events working with young kids and even kids their own age.

  1. The Boys and Girl’s Club Fair
  2. The Bodyworks LEGO Robotics Camp
  3. Science It’s A Girl Thing
  4. Shake Hands With Your Future
  5. Texas Tech University PRISM Program – NXT MIndstorm Legos

Working with student organizations like IEEE, WIE, and NSBE the Boys and Girl’s club event was aimed at involving young and creative students in pursuing STEM opportunities.

Mentors drove three hours to Midland, TX to attend the Midland Science Exposition. As a stop for six grade students from the region, demoing the robot for six hours with approximately one-thousand students passing through.

The Halliburton Field trip was a collection of 100 of the brightest students in Lubbock. These students were brought to  various departments on Texas Tech University to show them the possibilities Texas Tech Campus had to offer. The RoboRaiders were chosen to represent the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Haliburton Field Trip

Haliburton Field Trip

This was our second time attending this showcase of the Whitacre College of Engineering. The showcase’s purpose was to demonstrate high school counselors all over Texas that Texas tech is a prime school to visit. Both students and mentors spoke at this event.

Summer Showcase 13'

Summer Showcase 13′

Team 1817, the RoboRaiders was asked to a group of one-hundred minority students from the region. After presenting FIRST, 3D printing technology, and the benefit of pursuing higher education students engaged in active questioning where we talked about all assets of engineering, robotics, and college.

Y100 Leadership Camp 13'

Y100 Leadership Camp 13′

The Bodyworks LEGO Robotics Camp was a fun and exciting camp working with six-nine year olds to create the perfect LEGO Robot creation.

The “Science It’s A Girl Thing” Camp’s main focus is to get girls interested  in pursuing STEM careers at a young age.

Science It's a Girl Thing 13

Science It’s a Girl Thing 13

In cooperation with the IDEAL center at Texas Tech University the RoboRaiders helped run a class for the  “Shake Hands With You Future” Camp which brought Brazilian high school  students on to Texas Tech University. The week long Robotics and 3D printing Technology class was a huge success with almost 30 students in attendance.


2013 Shake Hands With Your Future - Brazil

2013 Shake Hands With Your Future – Brazil

Also this summer students of the Raiders Robotics Research program attended and helped run The Hub City Post Season Event and Robot Round-Up hosted by the AusTIN CANS, Austin TX.

  • The Hub City Post Season Event
  • Robot Round-Up

After the start of the Hub City Regional, to ensure that it continues in upcoming years, mentor Greg Burnham of Team 4570, The Robodors helped host the Hub City Post Season Event inviting Team 1817 to help in an off season aimed at giving regional teams a chance to fix their robots and “try again” so to speak. Team 1817 was in the winning alliance for the event.


RoboRaiders at Robot Roundup

RoboRaiders at Robot Roundup

Robot Round-Up is an off-season event hosted by AusTIN-CANS, team 2158 in Austin TX.  The RoboRaiders took the six hour drive to help run it. Team 1817 served as field reset and general help for the event.


All in all despite our huge obstacle of Reese we were able to do so much!

Raiders Robotics research is proud of their student’s work through the summer and for such an astounding amount of support the College of Engineering and the Engineering Opportunities Center has given us!