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Senator Charles Perry Visits Llano Estacado RoboRaiders

As a team Robo Raiders reached out tremendously to the community by pushing the importance of STEM Education, creating new things to benefit society, and becoming a better person in general. Team 1817 had a significant outreach from Senator Charles Perry On Thursday, June 25, 2015 as he came to visit the Llano Estacado Estacado Robo Raiders and witness their success out at their workspace at the Reese Technology Center. Senator Perry mentioned the importance of Texas Tech’s Robotics team, stating that, “We’re an outcomes-based society. People want to know, ‘Is it working? What’s happening?’ And that’s the way it should be,” He was proud to know that he could use RoboRaiders as an example in his debates for education, his success as a senator, and etc. DSC_0121 DSC_0114 DSC_0100 DSC_0089 DSC_0117

Building Robots at the Science Spectrum

RoboRaiders took Robotics to the next level by introducing the fun of planning, designing, and building to children that will hopefully pursue a STEM occupation while visiting the Science Spectrum. Team 1817 took junk and had kids make a robot out of it. This was a creative outreach and the kids enjoyed themselves. Who ever thought tinkering could be so exciting?

Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition

On March 26-28, 2015 the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center held the Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition. March 25th consisted of scouting, putting the robot together, and practicing. March 26th started off the crazy madness and literally sent us flying into finals as our noodle slid into the recycle bin with spectacular strategies and strength to get us through finals.

Congratulations to George Tan for getting the Volunteer of the year and Rachel Moore, 1817 alumni, for winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist award! Congratulations to Madeleine St. Clair for Safety Star of the day on Thursday. We won the Safety Award and we were finalists at the Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition! We received a Wild Card Invitation to go to World in St.Louis, Missouri!

This Years Game!

Happy New Years everyone! On January 3, 2015 FIRST Robotics announced this years game. Our game has to do with recycling and liter and will allow members of robotics teams to understand that not only are robots cool, but they can make a huge impact on the world and will change the trajectory of society. We have 6 weeks to design and build our robot and can’t wait to step foot on the field. Wish us luck!


Catch the Engineering Bug

On October 8, The SWE chapter (Society of Women Engineers) hosted the Texas Tech University Catch the Engineering Bug event. The RoboRaiders were invited to be a part of the tour. Groups of 7th-8th grade girls came by and we discussed engineering concepts, robotics and showed them the robot, 3D printed parts, and legoBots. During each of the tours we made a point to teach them about Math and Physics. 

“Take successes and failures as they come, since things often change at a moments notice” – Juliette Brindak