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Sponsors for 2017 Season

We would like to thank a few of our many multi-year sponsors for the continued support. Without their help as well as many of our other sponsors the team wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission of educating local students through robotics. Please offer your thanks by supporting our sponsors, their names can be found here.

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Sponsor Appreciations 2014!

A BIG shout out to all of our local and national sponsors for lending us your support throughout the years. We appreciate all the ways you helped us during the 2013-14 FRC season, whether monetary or non-monetary. We had one of our most successful and remarkable seasons and it could not have been possible without you.


We look forward to the upcoming 2014-15 season and kickoff on Jan 3rd!




Terry and Linda Fuller Sponsor Appreciation 2014!

On October 31st, the RoboRaiders got the opportunity to present a token of our appreciation to Mr. Terry Fuller, distinguished Engineer and president & founder of Phoenix PetroCorp, Inc., for his support this season. We appreciate him taking time off again to be a part of our presentation. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase what we accomplished this past season and what our plans for the future are. Thank you Mr. Fuller!

CMS properties Sponsor Recognition 2014!

On October 23rd, the RoboRaiders visited the CMS properties office in order to present a token of our gratitude to Marc and Patty Shipton, one of our many sponsors. We truly and deeply thank them for all the support they have given us this and past seasons!

X-FAB Sponsor Recognition


On October 8th, we got the opportunity to meet with our sponsors at X-FAB Mixed Signal Foundry Experts, Texas and present to them a token of our gratitude for the years of support they have provided. It is because of the assistance of our sponsors that we were able to have a successful season and travel to St. Louis for world championship!