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GEAR Robotics 2014 Game Day

After a successful Trial Run two weeks ago, a lot of help was needed at the 2014 GEAR Game day and the RoboRaiders was front and center to volunteer. Our parents, students and mentors took up the positions of judging awards on the game day as well as grading team essays, being referees, utilities support and making all the trophies on our CNC Machine. It was fun experience for everyone and amazing to see the Lego Bots all the teams had come up with to face the challanges.

We were there to help set up and take down the field as well. Over all, we’d like to thank Dr. Tanja Karp, Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department and manager of the GEAR Robotics at Texas Tech University for giving us the opportunity to be a part of GEAR again. The RoboRadiers will continue to support GEAR year after year!

Volunteering at the GEAR Robotics – Trial Run!

For the past several years, the RoboRaiders have supported the local GEAR Robotics competition. This year was no different. The students, mentors and parents on the team volunteered to help set up for the trial run at the Texas Tech Recreational Center on March 28th. On Trial run day, March 29th, we were out there from 7 am till noon and showed our enthusiasm by helping out the GEAR teams, being part of the judges and referees panel and taking on any task that needed to be done.

It was  a great experience to see GEAR teams from all around the area showcase their robots and practice for the actual game day, which will take place on April 12th. The RoboRaiders will be there to give a helping hand!

Hub City Robotics Mixer

FRC Team 1817, Team 4570 and XFAB hosted the “Hub City Robotics Mixer” on  Saturday November 16th at the TTU Frazier Alumni Pavilion. Robotics teams representing FIRST, GEAR, BEST and VEX  were invited and they displayed their robots as well as provided information regarding what their programs can offer to the community. Along with this, the 2014 FRC and FTC District and Regional information was announced.

The team members of both FRC teams, as well as the alumni, were called on to share their experiences of FIRST and inspire more students to be a part of these programs.

We were overwhelmed to see the interest shown by the people of Lubbock in attending this event. This was a great opportunity for the students in South Plains to explore their interest in Robotics.

2014 GEAR

GEAR provides an exciting hands-on LEGO robotics challenge to elementary and middle school students at no cost to the schools, with the goal of increasing interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines and improving retention of engineering undergraduate students at Texas Tech.

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