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Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition

On March 26-28, 2015 the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center held the Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition. March 25th consisted of scouting, putting the robot together, and practicing. March 26th started off the crazy madness and literally sent us flying into finals as our noodle slid into the recycle bin with spectacular strategies and strength to get us through finals.

Congratulations to George Tan for getting the Volunteer of the year and Rachel Moore, 1817 alumni, for winning the Woodie Flowers Finalist award! Congratulations to Madeleine St. Clair for Safety Star of the day on Thursday. We won the Safety Award and we were finalists at the Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition! We received a Wild Card Invitation to go to World in St.Louis, Missouri!

Oncoming 2015 Hub City FIRST Competition

On March 26th-28th, Lubbock – Texas will be holding the Hub City FIRST Robotics Competition at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. There will be 46 teams from across the state and around the country competing at the Regional event. The RoboRaiders are determined to win the Competition and head to the World Competition in St. Louis, Missouri. Good luck to all the teams attending the regional and we look forward to seeing you there!

So please come and witness awesome robots battling it our on the field. We will greatly appreciate your support at our competition!

Recap – Alamo FIRST Robotics Competition

On March 11th, 2015 we took off to San Antonio for Alamo’s FIRST Robotics Competition that took place on March 12-14th. We made it to Semi-Finals and toted ourselves to Finals where we were asked to alliance with the (Pink Team) Team 233 and together completed the alliance with Team 2158 (AustinCANs). As a team we had several accomplishments. We won a FINALISTS trophy, individual Red FIRST medals and our Safety Captain earned the “Safety Star of the day” pin. Congratulations to the winning alliance as well! Everyone had a blast! #PinkRaidersCAN