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Student Training

Over the Summer RoboRaiders had a successful internship and created amazing robots. This week they are working on perfecting their robots for outreach events in the future. The t-shirt launcher will be shooting t-shirts at the audience during events and the Squid Robot will be used to show students different drive bases and how they are used.

Catch the Engineering Bug

On October 8, The SWE chapter (Society of Women Engineers) hosted the Texas Tech University Catch the Engineering Bug event. The RoboRaiders were invited to be a part of the tour. Groups of 7th-8th grade girls came by and we discussed engineering concepts, robotics and showed them the robot, 3D printed parts, and legoBots. During each of the tours we made a point to teach them about Math and Physics. 

“Take successes and failures as they come, since things often change at a moments notice” – Juliette Brindak

Terry and Linda Fuller Sponsor Appreciation 2014!

On October 31st, the RoboRaiders got the opportunity to present a token of our appreciation to Mr. Terry Fuller, distinguished Engineer and president & founder of Phoenix PetroCorp, Inc., for his support this season. We appreciate him taking time off again to be a part of our presentation. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase what we accomplished this past season and what our plans for the future are. Thank you Mr. Fuller!