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Shake Hands with Your Future ’13 – Brazilian Kids Camp

During their week-long stay we hosted a camp that focused on teaching about various aspects of technology, from 3D printing to soldering for Blinky Bots to a full FLL challenge. Working through language barriers we were able to form friendships and have been invited to host other camps for the university.

Texas Tech University PRISM Program ’13

Over the summer of 2013, Team 1817 has provided it’s support to other organizations and programs that strive towards spreading awareness of STEM in the community.

In 2010. The National Science Foundation awarded Texas Tech University with the PRISM (Proactive Recruitment in Introductory Science and Mathematics) Program. One of the modules of this program is to offer scholarships and camps to international/local high school students in order to indulge their interest in STEM and Robotics. A NXT Mindstorm Lego Camp, involving 40 high school students from China and from local high schools, was organized on July 26th 2013. Team 1817 helped the organizers by training the camp mentors in programming and building NXT Lego Bots, as well as providing Lego Kits for all the students.

Science it’s a Girl Thing ’13!

Another activity we helped out with during the summer at Texas Tech was the Science it’s a Girl’s Thing summer camp. The girls worked alongside college students and professors for several days to complete projects such as assembling blinky bots and miniature robots that they got to keep at the end of the week.

Y100 Leadership Camp

The YWCA of Lubbock invited the RoboRaiders to be a part of their Y100 leadership camp in the summer and show the youth the benefits of STEM education and Robotics.