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RoboRaiders brings Hub City Regional to West Texas!

Travis hub city tech advisor

RoboRaiders’ Mentor Travis Ray volunteering at the Hub City Regional as the technical advisor

Lubbock, Texas was proud to host their first FRC Regional with the assistance from Team 1817 for the 2012-2013 season. The Hub City Regional is an integral part for the growth and development of the FIRST Robotics program in the community.  Team 1817, the RoboRaiders was honored to help FIRST in Texas achieve its mission of spreading FRC to the West Texas Region by providing immense support and resources.

Two of our senior mentors, Travis Ray and Tanya Mishra, lent a hand in helping FIRST in Texas start 14 new FRC Teams in West Texas. Throughout the 6 weeks of build, they guided the teams on a weekly basis and helped them to achieve success and a memorable learning experience. FIRST in Texas organized a pre-season, a post-season event and multiple workshops, in which both of Travis and Tanya offered technical training to the new teams in the area.

RoboRaiders' Mentor Kenyan Burnham help setting up the game field for the Hub City Regional

RoboRaiders’ Mentor Kenyan Burnham help setting up the game field for the Hub City Regional

Team 1817 and all those involved, whole-heartedly volunteered and helped FIRST in Texas set up the Hub City Regional and the all FRC events aimed at recruiting and starting new FRC teams. Team 1817’s involvement did not fall short of reaching out to the new FRC Teams in the community.  This contribution not only included directing them towards team building parameters but also recruiting mentors, raising funding resources, finding sponsors and fundraising activities to help promote the growth of STEM education and FIRST in the area.

Now recognized as the Founding Father of Hub City Regional Team 1817, The RoboRaiders continue to foster and promote the spread of science, technology, engineering, math, and FIRST Robotics.